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ILCalc v0.9.7.0 beta

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Released: Sep 9, 2009
Updated: Sep 27, 2009 by Pelmen64
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Application ILCalc (.NET 2.0)
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Release Notes

First beta release with generics support.
It gives ability to specify the expression type (but anyway note, that you can't mix types in the expression).
By now supported some fundamental BCL types: Int32, Int64, Single, Double, Decimal.

  • Solution: generics implemented!
  • Generics: built-in support for BCL types:
    • Int32, Int64, Single, Double, Decimal
  • Generics: integer literals support:
    • "0xFFEA" - hexadecimal
    • "0b0101" - binary
  • Interpret: more performance improvements.
  • Solution: improved dependencies between classes.
  • Solution: all projects moved to generics.
  • Solution: complete code reformat (looks better =).
  • Solution: folder structure re-done.
  • UnitTests: became more and more generic...
  • UnitTests: SL 2.0 and CF versions of tests are available.
  • Tabulator: beta support for async tabulation at CF/SL build.
  • Docs: generic type parameters documentation.

Known bugs / problems:
  • Silverlight build allows to import lambda expression as delegate, but ILCalc will fail when trying to use it in Interpret object of Evaluate() because of reflection restrications. This issue will be fixed as possible in the future releases.
  • Parsing the decimal values of Int32.MinValue and Int64.MinValue will fail during some parsing restrictions by now.
  • Silverlight reflection restrictions makes some code for generics support looks very ugly and using some "hacks", still searching for better solution.
  • Decimal expression compilation is not implemented by now.
  • Checked evaluations is not supported by now, so CalcContext.OverflowCheck doesn't affects anything.
  • ConstantCollection<T> and FunctionCollection<T> of not double types doesn't support .ImportBuiltIn() methods.
  • Bug: compiling Evaluator 0 arguments and owner (closure) is not possible.
  • Bug: imported methods with targets transformed to delegates incorrectly by Interpret object :(((
  • Bug: invalid parsing of real literals when decimal separator symbol differs from specified by CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator (thx Mariusz for report).

Reviews for this release

Wow it's fast... wait for more speed and better integration with Silverlight! :)
by Ai_boy on Sep 9, 2009 at 8:52 PM