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ILCalc v0.9.7.3 beta

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Released: Sep 24, 2009
Updated: Sep 27, 2009 by Pelmen64
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Application ILCalc (.NET 2.0)
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Application ILCalc (.NET CF 2.0)
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Application ILCalc (.NET CF 3.5)
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Application ILCalc (Silverlight 2.0)
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Release Notes

New update with new feature for Silverlight build: now is possible to use Evaluator & Tabulator objects for extra evaluation performance!
This build also contains a lot of improvements in delegates usage and a critical bug-fixes.

  • Silverlight: compiler is now supported!
  • Silverlight: visibility checks for methods import.
  • Silverlight: async Tabulate() support for Tabulator.
  • Solution: Delegates support for CF 2.0 build.
  • QuickInterpret: faster calls of imported delegates.
  • Interpret: better work with imported delegates.
  • Interpret: slightly faster calls via reflection.
  • FunctionCollection: new Add<TDelegate> method included.
  • Solution: FunctionItem<T> renamed => FunctionInfo<T>.
  • ValueRange: better Double \ Single range validation.
  • Collection: ImportBuiltIns works now for all supported types.
  • Solution: more unit tests + some custom tests for Silverlight.
  • Bugfix: methods with targets transform to delegates in Interpret.
  • Bugfix: compiling Evaluator<T> with 0 args and owner.

Known issues:
  • Parsing the decimal values of Int32.MinValue and Int64.MinValue will fail during some parsing restrictions by now.
  • Silverlight reflection restrictions makes some code for generics support looks very ugly and using some "hacks", still searching for better solution.
  • Decimal expression compilation is not implemented by now.
  • Checked evaluations is not supported by now, so CalcContext.OverflowCheck doesn't affects anything.
  • Bug: invalid parsing of real literals when decimal separator symbol differs from specified by CultureInfo.CurrentCulture.NumberFormat.NumberDecimalSeparator (thx Mariusz for report).

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